Health & Wellness Promotion Outreach Presentations

Student Health & Counseling, Health & Wellness Promotion Department offers a wide variety of educational presentations from the Alcohol & Violence, Active Minds, Nutrition, and Sexuality & Reproductive Health Programs.  Presentations include:

Active Minds 

  • NEW!!! College Mental Health:  This presentation uses "clickers in the classroom" technology to teach students about mental health among college students including anxiety, depression and stress. We bring the clickers to your class!  Peer-led discussion also reviews how to help a friend and campus resources. 
  • NEW!!!  Student Health and Counseling Services - Utilizes "clickers in the classroom" technology to inform students about campus health resources and brief review of college health issues.  We bring the clickers to you!
  • Reflections of Beauty:  Students will learn about body image and how to fight negative body image messages through media awareness.  Explores body image issues related to gender and culture through examples of print media.
  • Stress Management:  Learn simple techniques to manage stress that college students face including balancing family obligations, academic work and friends in a healthy manner.  Participants will also determine their own personal "Stress Style."

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

  • Alcohol Jeopardy - Presentation includes information about alcohol and drugs in a “game show” environment.
  • Alcohol & The Body - Presentation focuses on the effects alcohol has on the body as it related to studying, sports performance and sleeping
  • Tobacco 101 - Information on tobacco and tobacco products and their health implications.  


  • Nutrition Jeopardy - information on diet and nutrition in a game-show format.
  • Healthy Eating on Campus - Review of healthy items sold at eateries on campus as well as ways to bring healthy meals and snacks with you to campus.
  • Healthy Meal Planning – Learn all about quick and healthy meal planning on a college budget.
  • Sports Nutrition – Basic overview of nutrition needs for the active person as well as pre and post exercise nutrition tips.
  • Food & Mood - Presentation discusses how your mood affects your food choices and vice versa.  Gives strategies on healthy eating and emotional wellness.

Sexuality and Reproductive Services

  • Sexual Health Jeopardy - Presentation focuses on birth control information, sexually transmitted disease awareness, and healthy sexuality.
  • Safer Sex - Presentation on sexually transmitted infections and how to prevent them.  Also included is how to talk to your partner about sexual histories and sexually transmitted infection issues.

Violence and Sexual Assault Support Services

  • Healthy Relationships - Presentation discusses healthy dating relationships and also educates about intimate partner violence.
  • Sexual Assault 101 - Presentation discusses sexual assault in acquaintance situations, as well as establishing bystander intervention strategies to keep our fellow students safe.

*If you have a specific educational need we can create or tailor a presentation for your class or group.

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