Mandatory Online Tutorial

Mandatory Online Tutorial

As a new student at Sac State you are required to take two online tutorials:  Alcohol, Zombies, and You  and Unless There’s Consent.  The online programs are available for your participation right now.  Students will be charged a one-time fee of $10.00, which is part of the regular tuition fee process, to cover the cost of the tutorials.  Completion and a post test of 75% or higher by the *deadline* date is required to avoid a hold on your account which will delay your ability to register for the upcoming semester classes. 

* Refer to your Student Health letter for the current semester deadline date.

Below are the links and required access codes to the tutorials:

Tips to successful completion

  1. Make sure you enter your CORRECT student ID number.  The system will NOT register you as “complete” if your student ID number is wrong.
  2. Make sure you complete BOTH tutorials.  After the first one, you must log into the second link listed below.
  3. Make sure you complete the evaluation section at the end of the tutorial.  Failure to do so will result in an “incomplete” by the system.
  4. Be sure to check your Sac State Student Center at least a month before you register to make sure you have no holds on your account.

Required Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

  1. Log on to
  2. Under “New Users” enter the following Access Code:  1378722
  3. Follow the program’s instructions. You will be asked to input an email address and password. Be sure to record this information, as it will allow you to re-enter the program as a returning student and complete the program in several sittings without starting over. You will retain access to the program throughout the school year for reference purposes. You also will receive follow-up contacts from Student Success™ highlighting key program information. Do not log in under more than one e-mail address. This can result in your record showing a “false” incomplete.
  4. Print out the completion certificate and keep for your records.

Required Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Program

  1. Log on at:
  2. Under “New Users” enter the following Access Code:  137872
  3. Same as above
  4. Same as above

If you have any questions about the program, you can contact Jessica Heskin at Sac State at You may also e-mail Student Success through its program HELP button, or by sending an email directly to

For medical or psychiatric emergencies, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest hospital.