Peer Health Education Internships

Peer Health Education Internships

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Applications Due April 24th by 5pm.

Who We Are

The mission of SHCS is to enhance students’ educational experience by addressing health-related barriers to learning, enabling students to make informed health decisions, and promoting the seven dimensions of wellness – Intellectual, Emotional, Environmental, Physical, Career/ Financial, Spiritual, and Socio-Cultural. 

The Health & Wellness Promotion Department has been an integral part of the Student Health Center since 1978. Our goals in Health & Wellness Promotion are:

  • To promote and build a healthy campus environment that supports comprehensive wellness of all community members.
  • To enhance student health status and respond to student health needs through the use of educational programs, workshops, and materials.
  • To expand the role of SHCS to be an educational learning site as well as a health care facility.
  • To offer students an opportunity to function as Peer Health Educators (PHEs) under the supervision of professional Health Education staff.

Active Minds (Mental Health Program)

Active Minds Peer Health Educators are responsible for educating Sacramento State students and the campus community about mental health and emotional wellness issues (such as depression, anxiety, stress management, eating disorders, body image and suicide prevention) and reducing stigma associated with mental health issues and treatment. This internship will focus primarily on providing outreach, awareness campaigns, interactive workshops and presentations to the Sacramento State campus community. 

Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs (ATOD)

The ATOD program educates Sac State students about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, with the mission to reduce the harm associated with high risk drinking and drug use among the student population.  

Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program’s primary objective is to enhance students’ wellness through nutritional services. Our program trains students wanting hands-on nutrition education experience.  As part of the internship, students will complete basic nutrition and wellness coursework and are trained to participate in a variety of nutrition education outreach programs including: cooking demonstrations, presentations, workshops, health fairs, and health awareness weeks.  Additionally, students will provide one-on-one education through 3 Day Diet Analysis and will offer ongoing goal setting sessions for students participating in the WIN nutrition management program.

Healthy Relationships

The Healthy Relationships program provides information to Sac State students about reproductive health, safer sex practices, communication, relationships, decision making, and sexually transmitted infections. This program also focuses on empowering students to address violence issues such as sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking.


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Applications Due April 24th by 5pm.

For medical or psychiatric emergencies, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest hospital.